Saturday, November 13, 2010

Yamaha Grizzly 450

Today I am doing a basic u-joint change on a Yamaha Grizzly 450.  The owner changed a front wheel bearing himself, but did not want to change the u-joints on the rear drive shaft.  This machine has 9600  miles on it and the wheel bearing and u-joints are the only problems that the machine has had.

The drive shaft is very hard to get to, even after removing the skid plate from the bottom of the machine it is difficult to access.   Other than that it was a typical u-joint job, press or drive the cups out of the yokes, clean the yokes up (a round wire brush in a drill works great), then press the new cups in.  After finishing the drive shaft I fixed a leak on a front brake line (from the owners bearing replacement).

Total time on this job: 4 hours.


  1. Which part do you need to take apart?

    The drive shaft yokes are held onto the transmission and diff by the one big nut in the middle.

    If you are trying to change the u-joints the first step is to pry or tap the c clips off of the inside of the bearing caps. The caps have a groove in them just below the rubber seal where the clip sits. The clips are there to prevent the caps from flying out of the yoke when the shaft spins.

    Once the clips have been removed you need to use some combination of pounding or pressing to push the caps out. A large vise or c clamp can be used for pressing.

  2. That rear drive shaft, is it to move freely in and out or is it in there very tight?