Sunday, November 14, 2010

Service Call - Boiler

This afternoon I went out for a service call on someones boiler.  All the heating here is done with fuel oil burners of some type.  A lot of homes are heated with a hot water baseboard and an oil fired boiler.

When I arrived at the house the boiler was hot, but the baseboard was cold.  There was obviously some kind of circulation problem.  The zone valves were all open so the problem had to be with the circulating pump.  I took the cover off the pump and found that there was no voltage going to the motor.  I traced the problem back to the relay in the aqua stat. 

I have seen this problem on a lot of boilers that use a standard Honeywell aqua stat.  The solder joints that hold the circulating pump relay to the circuit board are faulty.  It is a quick fix to pull the circuit board out and fix the bad connections with a soldering iron. 

Total time: less than one hour to diagnose and fix.

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