Friday, November 5, 2010

Honda Rincon 680

I got back to work on the Honda Rincon that I started on a few weeks ago.

I am installing a new cam shaft in the engine.  The first step is to press the sprocket off the old one.  I do not have a hydraulic press, but with a good setup and a careful hammer you can get it done.  This photo shows the cam supported by a notched plate under the sprocket.  The yellow thing is my "anvil".  It is a large cast iron counter weight off of an old front end loader.  It weighs around 100 pounds and makes a great foundation to pound on.

A few careful swings with a 4 lb hammer and a punch and the sprocket came right off.  Next thing to do is move the bearing to the new shaft and "press" the sprocket on.

Tomorrow I'll install it in the engine and finish the job up.

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