Monday, November 22, 2010

Skidoo MXZ - Completed

Today I finished up the Skidoo MXZ 600 that I have had in the shop for a few days.  The total time for the project was 10.5 hours.  There was about 3 hours to take everything apart and pull the engine, 3 hours to fix the wiring problem on the stator, and 4 hours to clean the engine bay and put it all back together.

  Here is a closeup photo of the burned section of the stator wire harness.  The end on the right went to the stator and the other end went to a plug.   I assume that Skidoo buys the stator from someone else and it comes with short leads on it.  Skidoo then adds the longer wire with the correct plug to fit the wire harness.  If you look close you can see the original crimp connectors that came from the factory.  I suspect there must have been a faulty crimp on one of the wires.  This is the second machine that I have heard of with a problem with these wires. 

To repair it I simply cut out the bad section of wire and spliced in a few inches of new wire.  I used basic butt splice crimp connectors that I crimped and soldered.  The splices were then sealed up with heat shrink tubing.


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