Sunday, September 26, 2010

Yamaha 550 Grizzly

This machine is only 6 month old and still under warranty. Normally the owner could just take the machine back to the dealer and get it fixed up for free.   Unfortunately it costs several hundred dollars to put it on a plane and fly it back to the dealership.   I end up working on new machines like this frequently.

This is the same machine that I talked about in a previous post.   One of the bolts that holds the clutch pilot bearing support came out and flew around inside the clutch cover.  The belt was destroyed and the clutch faces were severally chewed up.  I talked to the dealership where the machine was purchased and they agreed to send me the new parts for free.  The owner is going to have to cover my labor cost, but at least they got the parts.

When putting the secondary clutch back on you need to tighten the nut to 70 ft lbs.  That is an easy amount of torque to achieve with a long wrench, but it is almost impossible to hold the clutch from turning.  I made a special tool to hold the clutch.  I used an old 1 7/16" end wrench to make a special spanner wrench.  I drilled two holes in it and put two short 1/4" bolts through the holes to line up with the holes in the clutch.  It may not look pretty but it worked great.

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