Saturday, September 4, 2010

Lund 20'

A few years ago I built a big tripod with a winch on it that I can use to pick up heavy things.  Today I hauled it down to the lagoon to help a friend work on his Lund boat.

Growing up in Minnesota I saw lots of Lund boats, some of them very old.  It seemed to me that they could last forever.  Up here they tend to wear out in 5 to 10 years.  The rivets come loose and they start to leak.  I'm not sure why the rivets loosen up, it maybe the hard use and overloading or it might be related to the salt water?

This boat was starting to leak so bad that it was getting a little scary.  We pulled the boat up out of the water on some rollers, then filled it up with water to find the leaks.  By looking at where the water dripped out we found the problems areas.  We found a few loose rivets and one spot where 3 of them in a row were entirely missing.

Once we located the leaks we used the tripod to raise the boat up higher to provide enough access to work on the bottom.  Tomorrow we will drill out the rivets and replace them with new POP rivets.


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