Thursday, September 2, 2010

Honda 90 Outboard

Today I put the last few parts and pieces together for the motor that is going on our boat.  When I bought the motor it was set up with remote controls.  I decided to convert it to tiller steering for our boat.  A tiller is simpler than a steering wheel to install and maintain.  It also leaves the whole boat open and uncluttered.  It should make it easier to fit more cargo in the boat this way.

I was lucky and found a brand new tiller for a 90 Honda on Ebay for only $200.  Unfortunately I was not so lucky connecting it to my motor.  The bolt holes that it connects with were tapped some kind of odd metric thread.  I think that they were made for a Honda specific stud that should have come with the motor from the factory.  I searched all over for a bolt to fit it but came up with nothing.  Even Mcaster Carr, the worlds greatest hardware store did not carry anything that would fit.

Eventually I decided to drill the holes out and tap them to 7/16-20.  This is an odd sized fine thread bolt, but is is the only thing that I could get to fit in the available space.  I called the auto parts store in Nome and they amazingly stock fine thread bolts in just the size I needed.  I gave them my credit card info so they could charge me $1.85 for the bolts and $12 to ship them out here on the next plane.  The bolts made it here in the evening and I rushed out to finish up the project.  When I opened up the package I realized they had mistakenly sent me 1/2-20 bolts!

I called them back the next day and explained the slip up, the lady at the parts store apologized and agreed to send me the right ones for free!  Unfortunately the weather was bad the planes couldn't fly for a day and a half. 

Today the weather cleared, the planes flew, and the correct bolts finally made it.


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