Monday, September 27, 2010

Polaris 400 Sportsman

I had a Polaris 400 ATV in the shop today for a simple starter rope replacement.  This is a basic job that only takes 1/2 hour (if you don't let the recoil spring get away from you).

I generally like Polaris products and think that they are put together pretty good.  One thing that I think they do foolishly though is the recoil starters.  Most manufacturers make a simple cover over the pulley with a open drain hole in the bottom.  This keeps most of the crud out and allows any water that gets in to drain out.

Polaris makes a cover that is supposed to be sealed up water tight.  It never works out that way and a little water always makes its way in.  Without an open drain in the bottom the water stays inside and everything ends up a rusty mess.

That is how I found this one.  Everything still worked under the cover, but it was wet and rusty.  I had to spend a little extra time cleaning things up before I put it back together.

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