Friday, August 27, 2010

Yamaha Outboard

Sometimes what's in the shop, isn't in the shop.

We have a lagoon near our village that makes a natural harbor where you can keep your boat safe from the big waves on the ocean beach. This is where most people keep their boats. Today I was down at the lagoon working on a newer Yamaha outboard. The owner told me that the wires from battery get hot enough to smoke and the motor is hard to start.

It turns out that the main battery cables had a small damaged area that had allowed the copper wires to corrode. The corroded section of wire caused so much resistance that the wires did actually heat up and smoke when you tried to start the motor. The salt water environment is hard on electrical equipment.

It was a simple job to cut off the wires before the bad spot and put new terminals on the ends. I crimped and soldered the new terminals on and reconnected them to the motor.


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