Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Honda 90 Outboard

I currently have a 90 hp Honda outboard motor in the shop. I bought it in non running condition from somebody here in Brevig a few years ago. I am fixing it up to put on our boat.

The motor has very few hours on it, but it was sunk in saltwater once. This led to some corrosion in the ignition wiring, the starter motor, and the power trim pump.

I was able to track down the faulty connections in the wiring and clean them up. I swapped out the starter motor and trim unit from another broken motor that I have. I also changed the water pump and thermostat just to make sure everything was in good shape. Next step is to put the lower unit on and drop it in my test tank.

The motor was originally set up with remote controls (steering wheel and throttle lever) but for my simple open boat I decided to put a tiller control on the motor. I was able to find a brand new Honda 90 tiller on Ebay for only $200. You can see it laying on the floor under the motor. It only takes a few bolts and a couple of wires to connect it and then it will be ready to run.


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