Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Shop

This is a blog about what I am working on in my shop. I go out to my workshop almost everyday. Sometimes it is for my "business" , Rudstrom Repair, and sometimes it is just for one of my own projects, but nearly everyday I head out to the shop.

The shop is an 8' by 20' shipping container. Containers are all over in Alaska and they make a small but sturdy building. I insulated mine with a layer of 2" foam and plywood on the inside. I have a fuel oil burning Toyostove for heat. The shop is wired for both 110 and 220. There is a dust extractor that I use to ventilate the shop when I am welding, grinding, or test running an engine. The outside has racks for steel pipe and angle for welding projects. One corner of the shop has a small jib crane that I can use to move heavy projects around.

Next to the shop I have a small storage building (the generator building). This building originally housed the schools backup electrical generator. I purchased it from them and moved it over to our place to use to for storage space. The generator building is also insulated and wired, but does not have any heat.

Between the shop and the generator building is a wooden deck that measures about 20' x 20'. The deck and the two buildings sit up on cribbing about 24" high. This helps keep the snow from drifting around the buildings.

That's a quick description of the shop, come back again and find out what I'm working on.



  1. Very cool co. Looking fwd to your next post
    mark b

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