Saturday, August 28, 2010


Today Harold and I spent some time in the shop fixing up a mountain bike for AnnMarie and I to ride. The bike is a nice Gary Fisher that someone gave to us a few years ago. It has been sitting unused in a shed, but now that Harold is biking around town I have some incentive to get it working.

The first step was to use the angle grinder to cut the old "U" lock off the frame. I am not sure if they gave us a key for it or not?

Before putting a new tube in the rear tire I inspected the inside of the tire. You are supposed to do that in case there is something that could puncture the new tube. Normally you never find anything, but today there were two large thorns sticking through the tire! I had to use a pair of pliers to pull them out.

After getting the tire together we adjusted the brakes and the bearing on the front stem. Harold was a big help spinning the pedals around while I tested the brakes.


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  1. Looks like Harold will be ready for his own shop soon! Grandpa Roger