Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Traveling - Nome

I recently spent some time in Nome at my friend Roger's.  You may remember Roger from my house jacking project this fall, or you may have seen him lighting a fuse over on my family blog.  Roger helped me out with the house so I came into Nome to help him out with a few mechanic jobs.

Roger has a Polaris 550 with a lot of hard miles on it.  Almost all those miles have been across bumpy tundra pulling a big sled.  When the machine was new Roger built this tow hitch and fuel can rack for the back.  It is made from 1/4" steel plate and it has held up fine.   Unfortunately the aluminum tunnel that it is bolted to is starting to crack in half.

I took everything apart on the back of the machine so I could straighten out the bent and broken tunnel.  Once I had that back together I welded up some longer braces for the tow hitch.  The hitch now has two pieces of flat bar that run all the way up to the foot wells. 

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