Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Polaris Sportsman 500

I had my 2008 Polaris Sportsman 500 in the shop recently.  A few months ago the headlight that is mounted on the handlebars stopped working.  I did not worry about it too much, I just assumed that the bulb burned out.  Then last week the engine died when I turned the handlebars to the left.  I turned them back straight and it ran again.  I was able to make it most of the way home like this before the engine quite and would not restart.

When I finally got it in the shop and took the handlebars and instrument cluster apart this is what I found.  The lower arrow points to the broken headlight wires and the upper arrow points to the main switched power wire.  A few of the other wires also had cracks in the insulation but were not broken off. 

It was easy to solder the broken wires back together, but I am a little worried about future problems.  For some reason the wires seem to be brittle and cracking where they move with the handlebars.

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  1. they are verry brittle everywhere check your air breather to carb tube for cracking give it a good squeez