Thursday, March 17, 2011

Traveling - Elim

After spending the weekend in Nome I traveled on to Elim to do some work on the Head Start building.  The main project while I was there was to install a new oil supply line.  The oil line runs from a 500 gallon outside tank into the mechanical room and feeds two boilers and a water heater.

The oil line is made from 1/2" black iron pipe.  I brought my pipe threading equipment with me.  I have a large tri-stand type pipe vise, but it is too heavy to haul around on an airplane.  A few years ago I picked up this small pipe vise that clamps on the edge of a work bench.  I found a few scrap 2x4s and put together this table to work on.

This photo shows the new line running to the three burners.

Here is a close up of a filter and Tiger Loop assembly.  This is my preferred way to run multiple burners off one tank.  The Tiger Loop gives you the benefits of a two line system (self bleeding, greater lift, etc) without worrying about restrictive check valves or return line leaks.  The Tiger Loop is connected to the burner with flex lines that make servicing easy. 

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