Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Honda 420 Rancher

My latest big project in the shop involves these two broke down Honda 420 Ranchers.  The engine in the green machine was another victim of a stripped out oil drain plug.  Normally when they get run without oil the piston fails and the cylinder gets a little scratched up.  This one wrecked everything, the piston, cylinder, crankshaft, and I think the case was even damaged when the broken rod flew around.  The red machine is a donor that I bought for parts.  It has some kind of  transmission problem.  I am hoping to to make one good machine out of the two.

The first step is too pull the engines out and take them apart.  I had some help in the shop today.  He needs a lot of supervision, but he works for cheap.

Here is the engine sitting on the work bench.  The Honda 420 is the same basic layout that Honda has had for years, single cylinder, overhead pushrod actuated valves.  It has now been upgraded with liquid cooling and a basic fuel injection system.  It also has lots of cost saving features like no recoil starter.  Like most ATVs, the engine and transmission share one common case and oil supply.

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