Monday, December 27, 2010

Broken Fender

The wind blows a lot around here.  I don't think most people realize just how hard the wind can blow during a winter storm on the tundra.  The Yamaha Grizzly in this photo was parked in someones yard and the wind made it roll backwards across the yard.  It was moving fast enough to break the fender when it hit their cloths line pole.

The repair is pretty straight forward.  I cut a 1/16" thick piece of aluminum to fit on the backside of the fender and use pop rivets to hold it all together.  The trick to making the repairs last is to use lots of rivets and spread them out.  On this repair the rivets were inserted on the plastic side and set against the aluminum.  If you end up with a location where you have to put the rivets in from the aluminum side they will not set or expand properly against the plastic.  In this case you must put washers on the rivets or use "exploding" rivets (the kind that separate into petals when you set them.)  When done carefully the fender ends up almost as good as new.

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