Friday, December 17, 2010

Arctic Cat TRV 1000 Cruiser

I had a 2010 Acrtic Cat TRV 1000 in the shop yesterday.  The machine had a slipping belt drive.  When I pulled the cover off the belt I found that it was covered in oil.  This was a very surprising discovery given the almost new condition of this machine.  I talked to the local dealer (in Nome) and found out that they have had a few problems with the seal behind the secondary clutch.

Removing the old seal was a bit of a trick.  If you have a seal that is easily accessible you can pry it out or drive a couple of screws into the face of it and use a claw hammer to pull it out (another trick that I learned from Dave). This seal was located deep down in a recess in the back of the clutch housing.  Being located in that narrow recess prevented any prying from the side.

This job was a great opportunity to use a tool that has been sitting in the bottom of my tool box for years.  This photo shows a seal puller that I bought at a rummage sale a long time ago.  I think that it is actually made for pulling packing glands in valves or traditional rear main seals in engines, but I figured it would work fine for this job.

I drilled two small holes in the face of the seal to twist the little "cork screw" into.  Then I simply alternated pulling on each side till it popped out.  Once I had the seal out it was a simple job to tap the new one in and clean all the oily mess off everything.


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