Saturday, February 4, 2012

Row Boat Rebuild

A few years ago I built a 9' row boat for some friends of mine.  You can check out photos of the launching over on the family blog.

The boat has a few problems that I am going to fix up this winter.  The boat was put together with construction adhesive and drywall screws (it was all I had lying around at the time).  Over the years the screws have rusted and the glue has failed in some of the joints.  The paint is also flaking off the bottom.

I am going to tape all the seams, put a light layer of fiberglass on the bottom, and seal all the wood with epoxy.  That is how the boat should have been built in the first place.  The first step is to grind all the old paint off.  I give more updates as the work progresses.

P.S. this is not actually in my shop, I'm doing this project over in the school wood shop.

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