Friday, September 2, 2011

Busy Day

Some days I work on a great variety of projects.

I started the day by replacing the rollers in the clutch from a Yamaha Grizzly

Then I replaced a compressor in a freezer at the local store.

Before lunch I had a little time to work on one of my own projects.  I bent a few pieces of stainless steel to make a holder for the anchor in my boat.

After lunch I worked on a boiler in a home heating system.

I then traveled to the nearby village of Teller to fix a toilet.

After working on the toilet I used my boat to haul a load of lumber to Brevig.


  1. That is very productive! I love to do many things all at once, especially during the weekends. Anyway, the weekend is the only time I get to work on our house for my family. How old is your home heating system? Looks neat, eh? Ours has been here in our home for 3 years now. It's still working great. I'd say it's a pretty good investment for our home. Just keep your heating system well-maintained and you'll surely make use of it for many years to come. Cheers!

    Harold Rhoads