Monday, August 22, 2011

Honda Foreman

I have a newer Honda Foreman in the shop today with a shifting problem.  It was hard to change gears, and impossible to get into neutral.  The transmission on this machine, like almost every ATV, is part of the engine.  In order to do any transmission work you need to remove the engine from the frame.  That takes 2 to 3 hours on this machine.

Once I had the engine on the workbench I pulled the side cover off and removed the clutches to expose the shift mechanism. 

 Part of the escapement mechanism that that turns the shift drum was broken.  This machine was sunk under water last winter.  I suspect that this piece broke when someone tried to shift the machine with the crankcase full of ice.  This second photo show the broken part and another used part that I had left over from a Honda 420 rebuild project.  It appears that Honda uses the same shift linkage on the 500 and 420.

This last photo shows the shift mechanism put back together. There are a lot of springs, spacers, and little parts to keep track of.  Now I need a few more hours to put the engine back in the frame and try it out.


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