Tuesday, April 5, 2011

"Pop" Cooler

I just completed a rebuild of an old "Pop" cooler at our local store.  It had a burned out compressor motor, a bad condenser fan,  and a plugged up capillary tube.  There was also a lot of dust and lint covering everything.
 I took the compressor/condenser unit out of the cabinet and brought it back to my shop for rebuilding.

All the plumbing connections are brazed together.  This photo shows where I crimped a larger line down to fit over the new filter dryer.

This is the complete compressor unit assembled on my work bench.

Here is the compressor being installed in the cooler.  On the floor by the door is my vacuum pump.  This is used to evacuate the system to ensure that it is dry and clean before adding the new refrigerant.

 I had a helper that was just the right size to clean the inside of the cabinet.

Here is the complete cooler filled up with eggs.

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  1. Hi C.O.

    Nice Work! We seldom get to see the final product of the parts we sell.

    RSD Anchorage