Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Diaper Genie

Some of the work that I do is for the regional Headstart preschool program.  I do maintenance on the building in our village and a few other villages in the area.  This work involves plumbing, heating and ventilation, painting, and anything else that might come up. 

The Headstart program is now expanding to include very young children and infants. Many of these younger children wear diapers.   If you are going to have ten kids all in diapers you need a good system for changing them.  

These first two photos show the internal parts of a Diaper Genie.  It is a fancy garbage can made to hold dirty diapers.  Every time you step on the pedal the top opens up and exposes the jaws inside.  Toss the diaper inside and take your foot off the pedal.  The jaws squeeze the diaper into the can and the lid closes up.  This keeps the diapers in a compact sealed up bundle that is easy to dispose of and keeps the smell inside.

This brand new Diaper Genie did not work.  There was a problem with the way that the springs and latch mechanism were assembled.  In the rest of the world you would probably return it to where it was purchased, but that is difficult to do here, the diaper genie store is several airplane flights away.  So I took it apart and figured out how to make it work.

Here is the complete diaper changing station, ready for use.  I'm glad that I just maintain the facilities and don't have to change all those diapers.

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