Friday, March 16, 2012

Arctic Cat Sno Pro 800

Someone brought a new Arctic Cat Sno Pro 800 by the shop recently.  It was only running on one cylinder and needed the spark plugs changed.  I think that they have a habit of warming it up for a very long time before driving it and then hardly getting above idle speed when they do drive it.  This leads to fouled plugs. This machine was built to run fast, not go across town to get groceries.

This second photo show about the best view you can get of the spark plugs.   Like a lot of newer machines this one has part of the chassis structure over the top of the engine.  It may make for a great light weight and stiff chassis, but it sure is a pain to service anything on the engine.  There really isn't a hood to lift up, just two little side covers that give you a peek at the engine.  To make the job a little more time consuming there is 4 plugs for this 2 cylinder engine.

With 4 new plugs in it it ran great.  The power delivery on this machins reminded me of an old 2 stroke moto cross bike from back before they had power valves.  There is a little rumble at low speed and then when you hit the right RPM the thing takes off screaming and stretches your arms out. 

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