Sunday, November 27, 2011

Mini Snowmobile Chain Repair

I recently had a Polaris 120 in the shop.  This is a mini snowmobile designed for kids.  It uses a 120 cc "industrial" engine.  This is a "Briggs and Stratton" type engine like you would see on a lawn mower or other outdoor power equipment.  Arctic Cat and Skidoo also make 120 cc sleds and they are all put together the same way.  There is a simple centrifugal clutch and a chain drive to the track.  The chain drive is the biggest source of trouble on these machines, it needs to be lubricated and tensioned regularly. 

When installing the chain a master link is often used.  They come in a few different styles, but they all work the same.  There is a chain link with a removable side plate and some type of clip to hold it together.  These are quick and easy to install, but are also prone to failing.  Over the years I have had several of them come off on different vehicles.   

A more secure way to connect the chain is with a chain rivet tool.  This tool is used to press the pins in and out of a regular link in the chain link.  It takes a little longer to use than a master link, but will produce a more secure chain.

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