Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Arctic Cat 366 ATV

I have an Arctic Cat 366 ATV that had a faulty ignition switch.  For the last few month I have had to wiggle the key around to make the machine turn on.  It gradually got worse, until it would not work at all.  I assumed that there was a bad electrical connection in the switch.

I removed the large plastic nut from the switch, unplugged it from the wiring harness and brought it to the workbench.

Before I took the switch apart I marked both pieces in case there was any confusion about how they go back together.  I have found that a silver Sharpie works great for marking things like this.

When I pulled the switch apart the corrosion was obvious.

I used a small wire brush to scrub the corrosion off the copper contacts.  Some of it was very hard and required a little scraping with a dental pick type of tool.

Before reassembling the parts I coated the contacts with a little silicone dielectric grease.  This stuff is great for preventing corrosion, I put it on almost every electrical connection.

Once I reinstalled the switch the machine worked fine.

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