Monday, October 18, 2010

Refrigeration Compressor

Today I started working on a refrigeration project at our local store.  The store has a large walk in freezer for all the frozen food that they sell.   I have worked on this system several times over the last few years.  The closest refrigeration company is in Anchorage and it is very expensive to fly a technician all the way up here.  I hated to see the store spending all that money for simple service calls so I decided to learn something about refrigeration repair.  Last year I actually took the test for the EPA refrigeration technician certification.  Now I can legally purchase refrigerants and work on refrigeration systems.

The cooler at the store has two separate 3 hp compressors.  One compressor is able to carry the load, the second one is just for back up.  One of the units has been broken for a few years now and I  have actually been taking parts off it to keep the other one running.  Now the store has decided to fix the second unit.

The broken compressor has a burned out motor.  In past years our electrical supply in Brevig was marginal.  When the 3 hp compressor would start the voltage would drop very low.  This of coarse results in a very high current and extra stress on the motor.  Thankfully our local electrical co-op has upgraded their distribution system and we no longer have the low voltage issues.

I am going to change the compressor, install new filter/dryers, install new condenser fan motors, and recharge the system.  Most of the work is pretty straight forward, some basic electrical connections, soldering copper tubing, and bolting everything together.


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